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Coming up with the right landscape design for a potential project can be a real challenge in terms of planting selection, budget constraints, and environmental sustainability. The best “soft-scapes” start with proper garden bed preparation. This includes determining the type of soil the planting materials will be placed in. More experienced landscaping companies will do a proper assessment of your soil conditions before beginning to draw up a comprehensive planting plan.

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Tips for top quality garden beds include:

  • Amending the soil with organic matter is helpful in gaining nutrient rich soil.
  • Eliminate weeds
  • Add phosphorous; soft or rock organic
  • Tilling the beds manually or mechanically at a depth of 9” – 10” improving the soil structure
  • Mulching is a great way to keep weed growth to a minimum and retain moisture.

Landscaping companies should provide a detailed plan and drawing of what the proposed garden will look like upon completion. This will be determined after the initial consultation with the homeowner to determine the type of garden bed design and “softscaping” they are looking for. Care will be taken to ascertain the way in which the homeowner wishes to use and maintain the proposed space. Planting a beautiful perennial garden can take years to establish and be a wonderful hobby for an amateur gardener. Give us a call today for a free consultation!



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